Guest Post: The Importance of Financial Literacy

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Guest Post: The Importance of Financial Literacy

By Olivia DiBiase

Personal financial literacy is critical to succeed in today’s world, but study after study shows that many Americans are in need of a deeper understanding of core financial concepts. While there is an abundance of financial education resources, they are clearly underutilized. The simple truth is that we have not made it a priority in our homes, in our schools, or in our workplaces. From school-aged children to baby boomers, financial literacy should be a lifelong course in continuing education.    

The AFSA Education Foundation recognizes the particular challenges that educators and parents face when searching for high-quality curriculum and resources to support the delivery of financial education – especially when many of us do not feel like financial experts ourselves or are struggling to adapt to a recent transition to distance learning. That’s why we offer MoneySKILL®, a completely free, comprehensive, online personal finance course that focuses on educating youth and adults about money management fundamentals.

Having served over a million users, MoneySKILL allows educators of all kinds to create custom personal finance courses choosing from 37 different content areas, including budgeting, savings, credit, and much more. MoneySKILL is available in English and Spanish, completely web-based and mobile-friendly (with no need for app or software downloads), and instructors can have a class ready to go in a matter of a couple hours or less.

As more educators and parents seek ready-to-go, online learning materials, MoneySKILL offers a unique solution for those looking to deliver personal finance education. We encourage you to check out a demonstration of MoneySKILL on our website here and prospective instructors can sign up for free here by filling out a brief registration form. You can also find more free financial literacy resources on our website at Our team at the AFSA Education Foundation is committed to supporting personal finance educators, and we offer custom training and demonstrations upon request. If you would like to schedule something today or have questions, please reach out to us at

Olivia DiBiase is the Director of Financial Education & Outreach at the AFSA Education Foundation


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